1. EmotionX-Area66: Predicting Emotions in Dialogues using Hierarchical Attention Network with Sequence Labeling. (ACL 2018 Workshop) slide
  2. Live on TV, Alive on Twitter: Quantifying Continuous Partial Attention of Viewers During Live Television Telecasts. (ICDM 2017 Workshop) slide
  3. I Know What You Coded Last Summer: Mining Candidate Expertise from GitHub Repositories. (CSCW 2017) slide
  4. POSTER: WinOver Enterprise Dark Data. (CCS 2015)
  5. Adaptive process automation for web based applications. (APCHI 2014)


  1. Dynamic data masking for mainframe application. US Patent No: US15067870 (Filed).
  2. Automating a process associated with a web based software application. US Patent No: US14733784 (Filed)
  3. Sensitive audio zone rearrangement for customer verification and query processing. US Patent No: US15071010 (Filed).
  4. Systems and methods for optimized data backup in a distributed enterprise system. US Patent No: US15061915 (Filed).
  5. System and method for estimating temporal importance of data. US Patent No: US15061915 (Filed).
  6. Systems and methods for estimating skill-sets of users in a distributed environment. India Patent No: 201621003887 (Filed).
  7. System and method for platform and technology independent dynamic data masking for thick client applications. India Patent No: 2054/MUM/2015 (Filed).

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